Enjoy your stay at Banabithi - A Nice Guest House in Galudih

Stay at Banabithi

Banabithi a beautiful guest house situated 227 kms from Kolkata, about 10 Kms from Ghatsila, 35 Kms from Jamshedpur, 5 Minutes walking distance from Bombay Road (National Highway No.33) and 1 Minutes walking distance from Galudih Railway Station. Galudih is a hill station of Chotanagpur in the state of Jharkhand.

A plenty of land surrounded by high brick wall and a nice Guest House is famous for scenic beauty and vast of sight scene are stated herewith.

How to reach Banabithi
1) By Road – 5 hrs. Drive from Kolkata on Bombay Road (NH 6 & NH 33)
2) By Train – Three and half hours journey by Express train from Howrah.
3) By Train – You can also avail local train which to be changed at Kharagpur.

Weekend Trip To Galudih

Weekend Trip To Galudih

After a boring work loaded week everyone seek some excitement through a weekend trip, Galudih is one amongst such few places which might offer you a way of relief and reloaded all of your energy with recent natural air from the cragged forest and stream. Not to this point from Kolkata Galudih is that the cragged city below the Ghatshila Subdivision in Jharkhand.

If you are already bored visiting digha and mandarmani several times,this beautiful hill town will definitely be a new experience for your special weekend. Via train from howrah you can reach to galudih station and then with a local transport you can reach to Banabithi the beautiful resort which surrounded by forest and hills. If you make an advance booking then the hotel also have the pick and drop facility which you can use.

Weekend Trip To Galudih

The natural beauty of this place is unmatched; you can enjoy forest hill and river simultaneously which is a unique combination for any tourist. The resort Banabithi offers you the best accommodation with large rooms prompt room service and the delicious food will definitely make your taste buds in love. You can enjoy bonfire in the hotel the thrilling atmosphere of the forest is a must have experience for anyone, or you can have the rare opportunity to experience local tribal dance and you have the exposure to live that moment.Galudihis full of natural beauty and the fresh air far from the polluted city life will charge you up for the daily battle of your life. You can visit Subarnarekha river, Dalma Hills, Dassam Falls,  Dimna lake while staying in the resort, you can book the car directly from our resort.

Enjoy Budget Holiday Trip In Galudih

Enjoy Budget Holiday Trip In Galudih

Galudih is a small hill town situated in between two mountain ranges (Dalma hill)separated by Subarnarekha(The golden streak ) river. Galudih is popular for its natural beauty and calm atmosphere. In the rainy season, the hills and the forests make Galudih green and you will feel the freshness in each breath.

To get a break from your daily hectic lifestyle if you’re looking for a short trip to re-energize yourself then Galudih is the place. This place is fairly popular with tourists mainly from West Bengal. Throughout the year people come to enjoy a weekend getaway in the lap of nature.

So if you are looking for a budget friendly holiday trip please visit our official website. The budget friendly stay in this beautiful resort with all modern amenities will make your stay peaceful and relaxing. You can have look at our deluxe rooms and the facilities we provide along with that .

Facilities at Banabithi :

1) Parking
2) Running hot & cold water
3) 24 Hrs. doctor on call
4) Room Service
5) Conducted sightseen
6) Restaurant facility
7) Children Park
8) Sport fishing facility
9) Pickup & drop service on demand

For sightseeing you can book a cab directly from here with a minimal amount and the driver will also guide you through the nearer tourists places.There are a lists of places which are also very beautiful near galudih thus attracts tourists. Dalma hills, Dassam Falls,  Dimnalake , Ratmohona, Jubilee Park are few places very popular. The bank of Subarnarekha river will mesmerize you.You can go to Chinnamasta Temple and offer your prayer. The house of Shri Bibhuti Bhusan Bandopadhayis a popular destination for tourists.

So altogether if you want to enjoy a calm and relaxing budget holiday then Banabithi resort in Galudih is the best place to stay. Better book ( in advance for your room to enjoy seamless staying at Banabithi.

Guest House In Ghatshila

Guest House In Ghatshila

Guest House In Ghatshila

At the bank of river Subarnarekha ( The meaning is Golden Strike), Ghatshila is a beautiful place surrounded by hills and forest. Ghatshila is a Subdivision under the state of Jharkhand. Ghatshila becomes very famous among tourists all over India for its natural beauty and fresh air. The best time to visit Ghatshila is between November to April.  This is one of such places where you can experience the thrill of forest , explore the hills and enjoy the Subarnarekha river bank and surroundings.

Banabithi Guest house ( is the best place to stay at Ghatshila. The guest house is actually located at Galudih 20 minutes away from Ghatshila. This beautiful guest house is famous for its scenic beauty, with plenty of land area gives you the opportunity to roaming around and feel the amazing atmosphere. Although away from your home but you will get the homely experience staying at the guest house. The welcoming behavior of our staff and the prompt room service will give you mental calmness so that you can enjoy your tour the best way possible.  If you want to visit the local areas and other tourist spots the guest house will arrange you the car at minimum price.

Guest House In Ghatshila

Banabithi offers you the comfy bed, clean room with all possible modern amenities.  The food quality of our restaurant is already praised by our guests, all the local cuisine you can enjoy with your friends and family.  You can have a bonfire at night and enjoy the tribal dance you can also join with them in the beat of drums and flutes.

It is always better to book your hotel in advance so that you don’t have to face any trouble after reaching at this beautiful place. You can  directly book your stay by visiting our online platform

Best place for summer holidays

Summer Holidays in Galudih

Summer is the longest season in India,  just after spring it is full of brightness everywhere flowers are blooming, birds are singing and gradually the weather become more and more hot , the scorching heat is just unbearable. Under the roof of your house become the only safe and soothing destination for you. The heatwaves compelled to close the school and even colleges sometime. People are looking for a pleasant destination to get the relieves atleast for a few days. Galudih is one such beautiful hideout from this scorching heat of summer.

Galudih is a small hill town under Ghatshila Subdivision in the state of Jharkhand. This beautiful place offers you dense forest ,river and mountains altogether.  So when your room becomes your world in this summer just pack your luggage and book a train from howrah to reach this awesome place named galudih.  The freshness and beauty of this place will definitely give you a refreshment.

You can take a breath of this pollution free air far from your crowded city life. In Galudih you can book the guest house where you will able experience all the modern amenities in the lap of nature.The dense forest with various trees like shal , piyal ,mahua covered the entire hill town and Subarnarekha river is flowing between this forest and hill. The breezy wind and natural beauty ismesmerizing and willgive you a refreshment in this summer. There are some places around galudih which you can visit while staying here. Dalma hills, Dassam Falls,  Dimnalake , Ratmohona, Jubilee Park are some beautiful places nearby Galudih which you can visit.  The Subarnarekha river side is such a beautiful view and then you can visit the famous  Chinnamasta Temple and offer your prayer. So altogether Galudih is the best place to visit in this summer for a quick short trip.

Budget Hotels In Galudih

Budget Hotels In Galudih

Galudih is a small and picturesque village situated in the lap of Dalma hill range and beside Subarnarekha river. Dalma Hill range and gorgeous Subarnarekha river is one of the biggest reason for this places scenic beauty. Covered in thick forest Hill sides adds a special charm into this.

This place is famous weekend tour destination among nature lovers. Reasons are simple yet attractive as Galudih alone holds the versatility of mountain, river, dam, dense forest, and it is close to lakes which can be describe as absolutely stunning, thus people from all over India specially Kolkata visit the place on Weekend Gateways.

But to plan a tour, stay is biggest concern for most people. There are many hotel and resort available in most of the destinations but the price is a factor that one can not ignore. The solution of this problem in Galudih is Banabithi.

Banabithi is Guest House and part of KD Palace situated in 227 kms from Kolkata, almost 10 Kms from Ghatsila, 35 Kms from Jamshedpur, 5 Minutes walking distance from Bombay Road (National Highway No.33) and 1 Minutes walking distance from Galudih Railway Station.

At Banabithi we are offering comfortable and clean rooms delicious foods and a warm Hospitality. This a place which you can not forget once visited. Surrounded by Mahogany and Teak trees this place is a retreat for those who are tired of daily hustle. The calm and noiseless Surrounding will help you heal your soul, but not entirely noiseless but there The chirping of birds will sound more melodious then any of your favorite track in this environment.So If you’re looking for budget hotels in Galudih but don’t want to compromise with the quality then Banabithi is your answer. If you want to check out our rooms please Click here and if you want Book a rooms or have some other questions please feel free to Contact Us.

Best weekend tour package from kolkata

Best weekend tour package from kolkata

If you’re a kolkatan who loves to travel but tiredof visiting digha,mandarmani or darjiling in every alternate weekend then you have an option to travel in place in the lap of nature where you can enjoy the forest, river and hills. Galudih a beautiful hill station not very far away from Kolkata, it comes under Ghatshila Subdivision of Jharkhand.
If you have a weekend time or a bit more in your hand then this place is must visit place. A land of Laal mathi , small, piyal, mahua welcome you to experience the scenic beauty of dense forest covered the hill station and the Subarnarekha river is flowing between this forest and hills which will surely mesmerize you. On such a beautiful day staying at our Banabithi ( resort will give you the opportunity to enjoy this atmosphere fully. At Banabithi you can enjoy the deluxe room starting from only Rs. 1300 /-. You will get the best local cuisine from our own restaurant. Our special attraction is the Bonfire and Tribal dance on demand. While staying at Banabithi you can visit some beautiful places like Ratmohona, Jubilee Park, Jadugora, Dalma Hills, Dassam Falls . You can boat ride on Subarnarekha river.
Then visit the well known Chinnamasta Temple and offer your prayer to the Maa Shaktialso called as Goddess Sati. It is one of the Shakti peetha temple and devotees comes from various regions throughout the year. But the best time to visit is between the month of November to April.
You can make a reservation online through our official website ( . It will be a memorable weekend tour for you and your family by staying with the nature and getting the feel of forest , hills and river at thesame time. For any further query please let us know and we will be more than happy to assist you further. Travel safe and stay happy!

summer holidays at galudih

Enjoy summer holidays at Galudih

Are you obtaining exhausted with hot sun shining on head? Summer offers several reasons to form you uncomfortable. With heating sunrays and wet weather, you face difficulties in gratification into outside activities and having fun. Your rooms become your entire world and you urgently stay up for the season to finish. As your trustworthy agent in India, we tend to perceive your state of affairs and brought some ways that to feature enjoyment into this uninteresting season. Explore the simplest ways that to get pleasure from summer vacation in Galudih. It has nothing special to see. But it is a tranquil place. It’s natural freshness and beauty every year and it attracts a few people. It is a heaven-like place for nature lover people.

You can reach Galudih railway station by taking train from Howrah Railway Station.

Places Around Galudih

Galudih Dam
About 10 km away, the dam is astonishing. Far from the crowd of city life, you can breathe in the pollution-free air. Take some landscape pictures and portrait pictures of your own here.

Dhargiri Falls
Located approximately 5 km from the Burudih lake, the Dhargiri Falls is one of the main attractions for tourists. At about 25 feet high, these waterfalls is great for some refreshments.

Burudih Lake
The Burudih Lake is located about 5 km from the city. The Burudih Lake is an artificial human-made water reservoir, It is located about 5 km from the city. This water reservoir is maintained by the authorities. One can think it as a picnic spot too.

Home of Bibhuti Bhusan Bandopadhayya
One of the great literature of India Bibhuti Bhusan Bandopadhayya was a resident of Ghatsila, and passed away in 1950. Since then govt. took charge for maintaining of his place and kept it as tourist spot to support the literary.

Panch Pandav
Panch Pandav is Located five kilometers northwest of Ghatsila. This place carries mythological significance of Indian mythology.

Narwa Forest
It is a small and beautifull patch of forest between the hill and the coast. A small river is flowing through the hill slopes. You can see only hills and forests there.

Weekend tour to Ghatshila

Best Weekend tour to Ghatshila

Sitting on the banks of Subarnarekha River, Ghatshila is a beautiful town. This city belongs to Jharkhand’s East Singbhum district. Huge forests surround this city. Ghatshila is famous for its natural beauty and is considered a prominent tourist destination of Jharkhand. Ghatshila, especially known as a health center, and a large number of tourists are going there to change the weather.  It is also a festive city, where locals are eager to celebrate. Once in the middle Ages, Ghatshila was ruled by the Bengali community. You can pay attention to the deities at the old historical temples. Along with these, there has mysterious waterfalls, mountains that give you the opportunity to spend quality time in nature.

Some natural spots you can see, are-

Fuldungri hills: It is rising about 4.2 km from the center of the main city. When the city lights are on in the nighttime, this scene is very special from the hill. Beyond the dense forest, this is an uncommon, unknown path that surely enamors you if you generally like tracking. The hill has a large number of tall Sal trees and its path is covered with red gravel.  A great aerial view of the town Ghatshila from the top of Fuldungri Hills is just unforgettable.

Dhargiri Falls: Dhargiri waterfall is a major attraction for Ghatshila tourists. In the monsoon, this fall shows its real image. At about 25 feet high, these waterfalls make a great show. But they take 20 rupees as an entry fee.

Galudih Dam: About 10km away from the city, this dam is a surprise. Built over the Subarnarekha River, this dam presents a pleasant view of the river, hills in the evening time, when the sun is about to go down.

Narwa forest: It is a small patch of forest between the hill and the coast. A small river is flowing through the hill slopes. You can see only the hills and forests there. People come here for a picnic also. It is better to bring food and water here.

Burudih Lake: The Burudih lake is located about 5 km from the city. It was built under British rule. If you are looking for a picnic at Ghatshila, then this is your spot. A boating facility is available here, hire a paddleboat and enjoy the ride in this lake. The lake is surrounded by dense forests and green hills. A lake surrounded by hills or mountains always creates a heaven-like atmosphere. A very popular Binda Mela for the Santhal tribe is held every year for fifteen days in October on the shores of the lake.

Bibhuti Bhushan home: If you are a fan of Bengali literature, then this place of Ghatshila is a monument that you cannot miss out on exploring. One of the best litterateurs of India, Bibhuti Bhushan Bandopaddhaya, was born here and his heritage house is maintained to show the tourists.

If you are a religious person or prefer to visit religious sites, Ghatshila offers you to visit these spots-

Ramkrishna Math: If you support Swami Vivekananda’s works or are keen on seeing Hindu math or temple, this is an opportunity to explore this recently opened place in Ghatshila.

Rankini temple: This temple was built by King Jagannath of the Dhulbhum Dynasty. This temple is dedicated to the goddess Durga. It is located about 12 km from Ghatshila. The temple was built around the year 1950 or later. There is no idol inside the main room of the temple, but a black stone which is worshiped as the goddess Durga. According to some past tales, humans used to be sacrificed(nar-bali) at the Ghatshila Temple. People also trek to visit the Jadugora Hills which is just opposite this temple.

Panch-Pandav:  Panch-Pandav is a tiny hill 5 km away from the city.  It is famous for its natural sculpture of a stone. Local people believe it is the creation of the five brothers of the Pandavas.

There have 6 direct trains to Ghatshilafrom Kolkata and take around 3 hours. Or by air, reach Ranchi airport from Kolkata airport. Then take a taxi. You can reach Ghatshila by car from Kolkata. It is about 240 km from Kolkata.

October to March is the preferred time because the weather stays cool. The summer season should be avoided.

If someone wants to get rid of tensions, the stress at the weekend, Ghatshila is a place where he can relax. You can set a weekend tour plan like this-

1st day:  Get to Ghatshila. Check in to the hotel and get some rest. Can have lunch. After that in the early afternoon go and spend little time to Fuldungri Hill, though there is nothing special to see. It is not maintained by the authority. Then you visit the great writer Bibhuti Bhushan Bandopaddhaya’s house. See sunsets in Ratmohona and end day 1’s trip. Ratmohona is the best place to see the sunset in Jharkhand. Then return back to the hotel.

2nd Day: Reach Burudih Dam in the morning after having tea or you can have your breakfast in the morning in a hotel or later on the route. After Burudih lake, move to the Dhargiri falls. It is not a big waterfall with a small spring. You will enjoy the path through the jungle around the falls. The next destination will be Galudih Dam. After visiting all these, get back to your hotel in the evening or you can walk around the hotel.

3rd Day: See the Rankini temple, Siddheswar temple, Ramkrishna Math in the morning. Get back to the hotel. After lunch, you can check out from the hotel in the afternoon.

Ratmohona as a tourist spot

Ghatshilla is connected to all or any the main stations of Kolkata, Jharkhand and Bihar. All the trains that ply between Kharagpur and Jamshedpur have their stoppages at Ghatshila. Steel categorical, Utkal Exp, Ispat categorical and Ranchi Hatia Exp ar some vital trains that ar most popular to trip Ghatshila. Besides, there ar various native trains likewise that connect each Kharagpur likewise as Jamshedpur with the town of Ghatshila. From Kharagpur(98 kms) and Jamshedpur(45 kms) you’ll reach Ghatshila via economical road network. To attain Ghatshila from Kolkata (240 kms) you must 1st go via the American state half-dozen – Baharagora route and thenceforth take the route to Jamshedpur. There ar variety of buses plying between Jamshedpur and Kharagpur that additionally elapse Ghatshila. you’ll additionally avail buses from Kolkata to Jamshedpur which is able to suffer Ghatshila likewise.

Ratmohona is found in Ghatshila. For Ratmohona and on the far side, use our Ghatshila trip builder web site to induce the foremost from your Ghatshila vacation. Ratmohona could be a widespread traveller attraction on the point of Ghatshila on the bank of Subarnarekha. it’s celebrated for witnessing the sunrise and sunset. On the approach of this spot you have got to cross Galudih barrage. within the dark,come here at the stream bank within the search of golden streak . looking at sunset at stream back could be womb-to-tomb expertise.

Ratmohana hill provides a authorized read of breathless sunsets and sunrises a day. the trail to hill is lined with sal and amla tree on either facet, presenting a sort of welcome arch to the guests. This knoll is simply down the stream bank from Gourikunj. Ratmohona, this is often very the foremost stunning place at Ghatsila.

Ratmohona is that the best place to observe sunset at Ghatshila. there’s a bridge over Subarnarekha stream. Ths bridge is simply opposite to a copper manufactory.To reach Ratmohona hill one ought to trek on the stream bank that may be associate unforgettable expertise.

An amazing sunset and sunrise read is enjoyed at this traveller spot in Ghatshila. Ratmohana hills ar positioned on the Subarnarekha stream bed within the section of Tumangdungri. you wish to trek on the bank to attain Ratmohana. The mesmeric read of the gently flowing Subarnarekha stream enthralls everybody. Ratmohona is listed below Lookouts, Points of Interest & Landmarks, earth science Formations and is found at Ghatshila, Asian country close to the town Ghatsila. Ratmohona is widespread for Lookouts, Points of Interest & Landmarks, earth science Formations close to Ghatsila. high five Attractions close to Ratmohona embody Dharagiri Falls, Ratmohona.

Ispat categorical, BBN Janshatabdi, and Steel categorical ar the daily trains from Ghatshila to Howrah. Ispat categorical departs at 15:19 from Ghatsila train station and arrives at Kolkata Santragachi Junction at 18:15 constant day. The train covers the space of 205 klick in 2h 56m and halts at three stop-overs in its journey.

Ratmohona is that the best place to observe sunset at Ghatshila. If one follows the path on the stream bank, one lands up on high of the picturesque Ratmohana hill. This hill provides a authorized read of breathless sunsets and sunrises a day. the trail to hill is lined with sal and amla tree on either facet, presenting a sort of welcome arch to the guests. This knoll is simply down the stream bank from Gourikunj. you will go any time. Its gratifying moment for you. terribly enjoyble place. Please escort your family for brief trip. The read of the leisurely flowing Subarnarekha stream on a standard day can cause you to spell sure. The bogus Falls within the right facet, British amount Bridge, New Bridge and geographic area Copper manufactory along makes the place a very attractive place. particularly throughout sunset the total space becomes awing to seem at. Some native folks bathtub here. however not suggested for traveller because the flow is extremely high and rocks ar slippery thus keep shut eye whereas stepping. The leisurely flowing of Subarnarekha stream makes the tourists spell sure. folks gather their to relish the read of sunset and sunrise. alittle falls is additionally there close to ratmohona.

Ghatshila and Galudih

The assigned work-load was over once a busy week. So, You plan for a long-awaited weekend trip to Ghatshila and Galudih. It was long-awaited as it is one of the easiest and nearest tourist destinations from Kharagpur.GALUDIH a small village and beautiful tourist destination in Purba Singhbhum district in the state of Jharkhand, having an attraction of all ages due its geographical location between two mountain ranges with the Subarnarekha River separating them from kissing each other.Situated in East Singhbhum district of Jharkhand, the town of Ghatshila has the winding rivulets and serene waterfalls of Ranchi while also harbouring ample sites of religious worship and a rich multicultural heritage that Kolkata does.

Ghatshila may be a city of festivals, where the locals are fond of celebrating in unity. In all if you love nature and want to feel it from inside, Ghatshila and Galudih is one of the best choice to make if you stay near to Kolkata or Ranchi. Ghatshila is a town of festivals, where the locals are fond of celebrating in unity. Visiting Ghatshila means that not solely that you’re sure the chance of paying quality time in nature, by the side of mystical waterfalls and picturesque hills, but also that you get to pay heed to deities in old historical temples.The best months to visit Ghatshila are February and November. In these months, the temperature does not arise above 30 degrees, making it convenient and pleasant to navigate the town during either day or night. By rail – It is a railway station on the Kharagpur-Tatanagar stretch of Howrah-Mumbai track, 215 km from Howrah are 2781/2782 Ispat Express, 8030/8029 Kurla/ Howrah Express, 2813/2814 Steel Express. It is well connected to three Metros in Republic of India specifically Mumbai(by urban center Express), Kolkata(many trains starting from 6AM by Steel Exp. to hour at one.15 by Samleshwari Exp) and New Delhi(by Neelachal & Utkal Exp).There are many Local Passenger trains connecting Jamshedpur and Kharagpur with Ghatshila. For timings etc check with Indian Railways. By road – it’s concerning 240 klick from metropolis. Those motion from metropolis 1st ought to take NH half-dozen to Bahragora then take the road to Jamshedpur. Buses plying between Kharagpur and Jamshedpur meet up with Ghatshila. Buses going from Kolkata to Jamshedpur and Ranchi also pass through Ghatshila.By road Jamshedpur is 42 km away.Part of the region in central India with thick tropical forest cover and rocky terrains, Ghatshila is abundant in natural beauty. Some of the sites that tourists and locals frequent are: Phuldungri Hills, Burudih Lake, Dharagiri Falls, Narwa Forest, Galudih Dam, Rankini Temple, Ram Krishna Math, Panch Pandav, Bhibhuti Bhushan Bandopadhyay’s Cottage, Galudih may be a beautiful traveler destination for nature lover. It set simply nine klick removed from Ghatshila and concerning forty three klick removed from Jamshedpur. Walking to the hills through the jungle-path, apart from the daily busy live, will give you a great experience of nature.On one side of your view, you can find smoking chimneys of the geographic region Copper manufacturing plant suggesting the industrial {enterprise|industry|manufacture} that en marks this quick growing town. People keep in a very form of fashionable homes. In all if you love nature and want to feel it from inside, Galudih is one of the best choices to make.Rankini Temple is a famous temple located on the road aspect of expressway connecting Jadugoda to effortful and it’s merely 2km from Jadugoda mart. Rankini Temple is also a celebrated temple settled on the road side of superhighway connecting Jadugoda to effortful and it’s merely 2km from Jadugoda mart. The Subarnarekha watercourse flows through the Indian states of Jharkhand, West Bengal and Odisha. This is why it had been named Subarnarekha, meaning “streak of gold”. Legend has it that traces of gold were found within the watercourse bed. Even now, folks explore for traces of gold particles in its sandy beds. The name may be a combination of 2 words which means gold and line/ streak in Indian languages. A lush patchwork of paddy fields, thickly wooded valleys and hills, Naroa consists of five wards –Deulwado, Gaonkarwado, Murdiwado, Talewado and Marma wado – spread over an area of 715.6 hectares and a population of around 1863. A predominantly Hindu village, Naroa has many temples such as those dedicated to Saptakoteshwar, Laxmi Narayan, Kal Bhairav, Bhagwati, Xetrapal, Shantadurga, Ram, Kethoba, Hanuman Ganesh and others. Ratmohona is located in Ghatshila. It is the best place to watch sunset at Ghatshila. There is a bridge over Subarnarekha river. Ths bridge is simply opposite to a copper plant. After enjoying the beauty for a while,the wildness and tribal-life is still very much prominent in this part of Jharkhand.